The SQA courses are regulated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and these qualifications are highly valued by universities, colleges and employers around the world. Dollar Academy currently offers the widest range of SQA subjects in Scotland, and many of our teachers assist in various roles at the SQA.


Course Description

Whilst the Higher Politics course is full for 2020-21, we have made all of the course content freely available via the link below in an effort to support students, parents and teachers with remote learning in these exceptional times.

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Everything in the world is touched by politics to some extent, and so it is a good idea to study politics as an academic subject in terms of developing as a global and informed citizen. The Higher Politics course comprises three units: Political Theory, Political Systems and Political Parties and Elections. You can work through these at your own pace and there will be frequent opportunities to work digitally with your instructor. We recommend that you begin the course with “Political Theory” as the subsequent units build upon the ideas covered in this first unit.

The course consists of 24 SCQF credit points and the notional length of time for candidates to complete the course is 160 hours.

For a preview of the course content, click the link above.

Instructor Bio

Hannah Young is an experienced teacher of Politics, History and Modern Studies at Dollar Academy and works as an SQA marker and verifier. She is a Chartered Teacher and Fellow of the College of Chartered Teachers and has written a number of History and Modern Studies textbooks. Hannah is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and committed to developing critical and creative thinking skills in young people.

SQA Registration

If you wish to take the course assessment (examination and coursework) or stand alone units, contact your SQA Coordinator or school Business Manager to register. You can find further guidance on this here. You are welcome to sit the final exam in Dollar Academy, if your current school cannot accommodate.

If you are interested in finding out more about this course, please use the “Indication of Interest” form below to contact the instructor, Hannah Young.

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Higher Geography

Course Description

Dollar Discovers has partnered with the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) to produce a series of 12 virtual Higher Geography lessons, aimed at supporting students, parents and teachers with remote learning.

Each video will summarise a topic in the Higher Geography course, simply click on the links below to view. Please note that we will be adding to this collection over the coming weeks and months.

Video Lessons

Physical Environments
Human Environments